New & Used Audio, Video, Home Theater, Surround Sound & Media, Stereo Systems, Electronics. Loudspeaker stands (very attractive!) The ‘Rupert’ finishes: Ebony, Light Oak or Mahogany. Ј 175-00 pair. Savant Audio: Design, Consulting, Installation, Repairs, Calibration, HDTV. The stands are the Q-1 for the ESL 63 and the Q-2 for the ESL 57. Quad 57 stands (Rupert) in walnut finish absolutely immac no marks Ј100 plus postage (estimate Ј20). Step-up transformer ESL 57, Reviews, Arcici Stands (Noel Keywood , Hifi-Review January 1990 ).

We can also supply the highly acclaimed RUPERT wooden stands, which are. Original Quadropods Lift your ESLs to ideal height and angle, just remov Christian Steingruber: Arici is the only manufacturer who supplies stands for both Quad speakers. Standard service/refurbishment ESL 57 (Reviewed Hi-Fi World, April 1999) Classifieds: FOR SALE – original QUAD ESL-57 with stands asking for $1600.00 About Quad ESL 57 Here you can find all about Quad ESL 57 like for sale and other informations. For example: price, electrostatic speakers, repair, review, dimensions, stands. So getting the Quad ESL-63s up on stands – any stands -brightens up their sound to a.
Complete delay line PCBs

Quad ESL57 stands for sale
Dust cover frames:

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